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[personal profile] ankaret said Please talk to me about your favourite cocktails, or drinks in general.

I like many cocktails. Generally gin or vodka based, mostly sweet and fruity. I spent my time in New Orleans having exciting new cocktails, including one which tasted like roses, and a melon flavoured one at Commander's Palace. I also had a pomegranate martini, but it wasn't particularly exciting.

My favourite cocktails are the kind made at a bar between Former Place of Work and Vauxhall station, which are made with actual fruit. I usually go for the raspberry ones, for which they dig out a punnet, but I once saw [personal profile] caulkhead ask for a watermelon martini, at which they whipped out a whole watermelon and started slicing.

I can also be found haunting the bar at the Genesis Cinema, which provided Captain America: the Winter Soldier themed cocktails when I went to see the film, and has an excellent selection otherwise, along with a bartender willing to experiment.

I should generally not mix them myself, as I become somewhat heavy handed with the alcohol.

But! My actual 5 favourites:

1. Raspberry Mojitos (Raspberries and alcohol!)
2. Cheeky Vimto (For some years, my absolute favourite.)
3. Lemon Daquairis
4. Rose Tattoo (the high point of my Christmas dinner)
5. The Winterberry Soldier, as served by the Bar Paragon at the Genesis Cinema.

...It was totally the first when I started writing this. *nods firmly*

Date: 2015-01-02 04:40 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ankaret
Thank you!

I think I would like a cocktail that tasted of roses.

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