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Title: The Letter 'B'
Author: [ profile] aella_irene
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Cameron Mitchell/Samantha Carter
Spoilers/warnings: Het, General Spoilers for Season 9
Summary: Middle Initials
Word Count: 200

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All of the stories I am going to post are in the same universe as Fear.

Title: Coffee and Kisses
Author:  [ profile] aella_irene
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Caldwell/Weir, hint of McKay/Novak and Teyla/Lorne
Spoilers/warnings: Het, General Spoilers for Season 2
Summary: She misses him.
Word Count: 199

He wakes her in the mornings with coffee and a kiss.  )
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Starting tomorrow, I will post one double drabble a day, up until Valentines Day. It's an answer to [ profile] rageprufrock 's V-Day challenge, to be found here. For those whon don't want to click the button, I'll quote her here:

"Starting February 1 of this year, I'll be posting one story a day until Valentine's Day--that was the original plan.

Then, I remembered that fandom is a community of (largely) women for (largely, though I have gotten a few real life shockers here and there) women and I remembered that mailing list at my university about Victory Against Violence and Vagina Day that I'm so all about and thought, "Hey."

I'm not even going to pretend I know anything about organization, but I thought I'd throw out an open challenge to whomever wants to take it:

One in three women is assaulted during her lifetime. We're at higher risk of violence; we're in abusive relationships we don't know how to leave. We're the woman with dark sunglasses on a cloudy day, we're the ones at funerals for friends who shouldn't have died. We're raped as collateral damage in wars, draped in heavy cloth to hide ourselves and strip our choices; people like to tell us to keep our silence, keep our homes, keep our husbands' beds, keep our silence.

This Valentine's Day, instead of simply buying into the hearts, flowers, and red silk of our own good fortune, write something. Write 14 somethings: drabbles, scenes, verses, sentences, haikus, essays, stories, letters. Draw 14 somethings: sketches, comics, watercolors, stick figures. Do something to remind yourself and all the people who are going to read your livejournal, and post a link to the V-Day foundation that half the human population is still in constant threat; that we don't have the right to become complacent yet, not when girls in Africa are suffering genital mutilation and husbands have a right to beat their wives and women become victims all over again when they report a rape. Half the challenge is breaking the silence; make some noise.

So I'll still be posting my 14 stories for 14 days in February--here's hoping I'm not the only one." [Bad username or site: %20rageprufrock @]

The V-Day foundation is here.

Below is the masterlist, and artwork.

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