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Well, today has been a catalogue of annoyances. Actually, it started yesterday, when, while walking down a ramp in the multi-storey car park(I was meeting my mother, she was late, and I was hoping to meet her on the way, or I would have taken the stairs), I fell out of my <i>shoe</i>, landing hard on the nasty, gritty, floor of the car park. Result, one torn pair of tights, one skinned knee, and one bleeding, nasty knee. I hobble down to the bottom, and set up camp at the entrance (and may I say Thank G*d for the Tanya Huff I bought on Saturday, or I'd have been bored as well as injured). My mother is late. She was visiting a friend, asked how said friend's mother was, and was stuck for twenty minutes. But I persevere. I come home, I go swimming, (and spend my first length of the pool wincing), I come home again, my mother puts antiseptic and a plaster on my knee, I go to bed.

Today, I get my first inkling of how bad the day is going to be when I look at my timetable and realise that I've got Biology, Break, then P.E. Biology is a problem mainly because the teacher is mostly incompetent. She teaches us from power point presentations, she's incapable of controlling us, and there was an occasion when a group of Year 9s made her cry by keeping her in eye contact. So, I was in a bad mood because Biology puts me in a bad mood generally. And then I had P.E. With surprise Aerobics lessons. From a creepily cheerful Australian lady.  Who made us <i>bend</i>. And balance on our knees. Yes, I got to go down on one bleeding, Housemaid's knee. It hurt. A lot.

The rest of the school day was bad, but not unmanageable. And then it gets just plain upsetting. On Thursday, my little sister has a dance show. My father is out of the country, so I promised that I'd go. Except that I can't make it, due to a prior engagement in the form of a school trip to the theatre. I can't cancel the trip. I have to cancel seeing my sister dance. And now I feel awful, because part of it is a special Year Six thing, since she'll be leaving in June.

And then came the latest piece of LJ idiocy. This.

About the only good thing to come out of the last few days was the fact that my father and I finally arranged out Itinerary for our trip to Turkey this summer. To anyone other than us, and in retrospect, it was hilarious.
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